Security Camera Systems



Benefits of a Digital Video Surveillance System

Deter Shoplifting & employee theft.

May help lower insurance costs

Employee Well-Being
May help discourage workplace violence,
Harassment & monitor/ improve employee productivity

Legal Protection
Monitoring & recording events may help reduce
Fraudulent liability or employee claims

A digital video surveillance system can give you the ability
to quickly &  easily view access events in multiple areas of your facility

Remote Access
Many DVR units can help you oversee your business from
anywhere you have remote connectivity

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IP Cameras


Patrick Allan Telephone proudly supports the Vivotek line of IP Cameras. Using IP Technology either with VGA rated or Megapixel rated cameras; Vivotek is our choice for superior quality and service when it comes to needing absolutely the best surveillance camera system available. With a wide range of indoor & outdoor cameras, Vivotek IP Cameras have the capacity to become an asset to your business.

Major Advantages:

  • Multiple User ID's/ Multiple logins w/ separate access ID's
  • Digital Video can be of much higher resolution.
  • Intelligent functions in real-time reducing false alarms.
  • More cost efficient than analog systems.
  • Network access allows for deployment of wireless cameras, eliminating the cost of expensive land lines, as well as allowing cameras to be placed.
  • Smartphone Access

Pure IP/ Hybrid Surveillance Systems/NVR's


Nuuo is the product line Patrick Allan Telephone has chosen to provide excellence in Network Video Recording technology. From the Nuuo NVR Mini to the NH-4000 Extreme IP Camera Server, we have a solution for any business or situation. Nuuo offers our customers a pure IP Camera solution as well as a hybrid/ tribrid solution including a potential customers existing analog or HD cameras. Nuuo NVR's work well with many of the leading brands of IP Cameras.